Organic & Beyond Champagne & Cava Sparkling wine case of 6 – 20% OFF

Organic & Beyond Champagne & Cava Sparkling wine case of 6 - 20% OFF



Get 20% off 6 bottles of organic Champagne & Cava sparkling wine.

(was 230.98)

Save £46.39!

This is a box of wine that we would all like to wake up next to in the morning. This case of sparkling wine showcases two organically certified producers that make products that punch well above their weight.

A. Levasseur Champagnes are quite simply A* grade. They come from a tiny, humble, grower-producer whose products are leagues better than any of the Grand Marques (the dominant labels that we all recognise).

Equipo Navazos’ Colet Navazos Extra Brut is a super premium cava offering so much in the glass. This was like nothing we had ever tasted. Dry, lean, sherried and with so much depth. Can we just pop some corks now?!

    Product Quantity

    André Levasseur Noir de Terroir Extra Brut NV

    hometipple team taste test...

    “Inconceivable brilliance in a bottle. Tasting of honey toasted oats, quince and raspberry this has a seam of samurai sword acidity running down to a dry and lime zested ending. This stops the show with every sip but with only a handful of bottles made you'll have to move on the double.”

    what producer says
    Very distinctive aroma. Asparagus, rhubarb, nectarines and strawberries, some floral aroma of saffron, and autolytic aroma of baking spice. Structured and savoury on the palate, with a fine mousse, a hint of tannin and some redcurrant fruit. Astounding.


    Equipo Navazos Colet Navazos Extra Brut

    hometipple team taste test...

    “What is the meaning of life if you love fizzy wines and sherry? This is. Correct answer. Madly complex sparkling wine that we should just keep for ourselves but we're nice. Sniff up the peaches, almonds and lemons. Dry to the core with a fizz you'll want to keep in your mouth all night and make a part of your nutty dreams.”

    what producer says
    Produced according to the traditional method of secondary fermentation in bottle, starting with base wines sourced from Colet vineyards. The southern presence is felt in the secondary fermentation and especially in the use of different dosage wines. Aged for 30 months on the lees before degorgement. All of the fruit comes from certified organic vineyards.


    André Levasseur Rue du Sorbier Brut NV

    hometipple team taste test...

    “Silky, astonishingly harmonious and terrifyingly moreish. This non-vintage Champagne eclipses any rival in its category. Plenty of serious, vanilla pastry smells, icing sugar in the air that is tied down with white peach juice, a lemon curdy zing and ripe yellow apples. The only disappointment here is when the bottle's drunk dry.”

    what producer says
    Organic Champagne blend dominated by Pinot Meunier, from David’s oldest plot, Les Gautelleries, planted in 1973. The rue du Sorbier is home to David (at number four) and his family winery (at number six). This spends three years on the lees, the prerequisite for more prestigious vintage Champagne. The dosage is 9.5 grams. 80% Pinot Meunier, 15% Pinot Noir, 5% Chardonnay


    André Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Brut Rosé NV

    hometipple team taste test...

    “Know the name! Levasseur is a synonym for excellence. This rosé Champagne is seemingly custom-made for the oyster-shuckers, claw-crackers and romantics amongst us. Flavours of nectarine, peach and lemon play nice with vanilla sponge, raspberry and strawberry. Crisp, dry, buttery, rich and soft all at once. Warning: Minds of any size will be blown.”

    what producer says
    Champagne blend dominated by Pinot Meunier. Fourteen per cent of the blend is Pinot Noir made as Coteaux Champenois. 9.5 grams of dosage. The bottle isn’t clear, so the gorgeously pretty pale pink colour is even more attractive for the surprise factor. Massive strawberry aroma. Then crystal clear flavours of strawberries and cream.


    Additional information

    Weight 1.70 kg




    Grape Variety

    Chardonnay, Meunier, Pinot Noir


    Vegan, Vegetarian

    Eco Labels

    Certified Organic, Certified Sustainable



    Eco Credentials

    Certified Organic, Certified Sustainable

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