Organic & Beyond Premium Spanish wine discovery tasting case of 6 – 20% OFF

Organic & Beyond Premium Spanish wine discovery tasting case of 6 - 20% OFF



Get 20% OFF 6 mixed bottles of premium organic and biodynamic Spanish wine.

(was 153.90)

Save £32.18!

This discovery tasting case offers the opportunity to experience some of the finest natural, organic and biodynamic wines of Spain. It contains some incredible red, white, sparkling and orange wines.

Each wine here has impact, character and a story to tell. This ‘off the beaten track’ selection of producers aren’t widely known but it’s well worth getting in on the secret.

Take the opportunity to be the favoured friend at a dinner party by bringing along any of these bottles. Better still get some friends over and have a wine tasting journey around Spain.

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    Azul y Garanza Naturaleza Salvaje Tinto

    hometipple team taste test...

    “A natural wine with a strong fruit presence and a slight spritz upon opening make this cleverly balanced wine a must for the decanter. You've got peppery spice, berry fruitiness, punchy but smooth tannin and refreshing acidity which all sits over a slight bitterness that makes for a versatile food-pairer. Scrummy.”

    what producer says
    Partially fermented in clay-amphoras from the region of Extremadura. The wine is then aged in the amphoras on its fine lees for another 9 months prior to bottling unfined and ulfiltered.


    Equipo Navazos Colet Navazos Extra Brut

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    “What is the meaning of life if you love fizzy wines and sherry? This is. Correct answer. Madly complex sparkling wine that we should just keep for ourselves but we're nice. Sniff up the peaches, almonds and lemons. Dry to the core with a fizz you'll want to keep in your mouth all night and make a part of your nutty dreams.”

    what producer says
    Produced according to the traditional method of secondary fermentation in bottle, starting with base wines sourced from Colet vineyards. The southern presence is felt in the secondary fermentation and especially in the use of different dosage wines. Aged for 30 months on the lees before degorgement. All of the fruit comes from certified organic vineyards.


    Bodegas Bernabeleva Manchomuelas

    hometipple team taste test...

    “We love this winemaking outfit that consistently gives us, and you, plenty to dive into with great respect and understanding of nature. This white is grown up, ready to pour and perfectly balanced with melon, kiwi and apple sauce flavours.”

    what producer says
    A blend of native varieties from a young single vineyard on shallow granite, the south facing slope is next to the Aliseda creek at about 750 metres above sea level. Fermented and aged in 500l old oak barrels in its fine lees for 10 months.


    Celler Mas de les Pereres Nuncito

    hometipple team taste test...

    “It's hard to consider this wine without ruminating on what utterly amazing value for money it is. SO much bang for buck - massive fruit, sweet spice, big, round lovely tannin, refreshing acid, loads of cherry flavours and a hint of black olives. This wine has so many layers. Fan-bloody-tastic.”

    what producer says
    Other than the sick label the wine is totally amazing. Deep ruby, soft but still showing a spice to the mid palate and finish. Concentrated and complex nose or drief forest fruits, toast, cloves, chocolate and earth. Full and long but very well balanced.


    Alemany I Corrió Principia Mathematica

    hometipple team taste test...

    “The label gives you a good impression that this is a box of frogs kind of wine. Smoke over granny smiths, but no fire in the sky, lemons and peaches on the way down. Genius bonkers!”

    what producer says
    45 years old bush vines planted on clay-limestone soils, fermented with wild yeast and aged in a selection of small and large French oak barrels, the wine is left to mature for further 8 months in a similar barrel selection with 10% new wood.


    Azul y Garanza Naturaleza Salvaje Blanco

    hometipple team taste test...

    “Exceptional orange wine should bring a kaleidoscope of smells and textures. Here it's like a whole wildflower meadow in bloom has been dried and crushed under your nose. In the mouth, we found lychee, dried mandarin peel, coconut cream, fresh oregano and a white pepper tickle on the way down south. Wowsers indeed!”

    what producer says
    Skin contact and partially fermented in clay-amphoras from the region of Extremadura. The wine is then aged in the amphoras on its fine lees for another 6 months prior to bottling unfined and ulfiltered.


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