Premium 12 – White Red Rosé Sparkling


Premium 12 - White Red Rosé Sparkling

£252.30 £209.90 Inc. Vat

Our Premium 12 offers a rich variety, from white to red, to pink to sparkles. There’s a cracking pair of whites and a dazzling rosé for the bubbles. Three very different but equally brilliant whites. A threesome of elegant, full-bodied reds and a trio of crisp, dry rosés you’ll reach for time and again.


  • Poggio del Moro Ivole Toscana Bianco

    “A delicate white that really got us thinking. Subtle but full of substance with honeyed peaches, jasmine tea vibes, green apples and chamomile. Key lime pie flashbacks on it's way to your belly. Truly unique and excellent for it.”

  • Mas Comtal Pomell de Blancs

    “There's plenty to talk about with this wine that is a complete bargain. Tropical fruited yet herbal, dry yet creamy, earthy yet refreshing. Get your thinking-drinking hat on and fill it to the brim.”

  • Rudolf Fürst Pur Mineral - Riesling

    “Peach, honeysuckle and latex are all classic Riesling tasting notes, and this has those in abundance. A slight creamy texture not often associated with the grape variety adds another layer to this excellent wine. Moreish and delicious.”

  • Frei Brothers Merlot Dry Creek Valley

  • Quinta da Pedra Alta Prova No. 2 Tinto

    “We are very lucky to have found these guys. There's little doubt that they are making some of the best wines in Portugal and outside it too. There's not much of this wine so be quick! Earthy and mysterious, deep and rich, dark-fruited and smoky, chocolatey and smooth. Epic!”

  • Post House Missing Virgin

    “Smooth as a vaseline covered chinchilla wearing a velvet smoking jacket and Gucci loafers. How do they get Pinotage to taste this awesome? Well done Post House. Nailing it.”

  • Poggio del Moro Galio Rosé

    “This winery has really taken its rosé seriously here. A thinking drinkers drink and not for guzzling down too quickly. There's bright acidic crunchy cranberry, tangerine peel, green leaf, posh cream and smoke. This can be our little secret together. Shh!”

  • Mas de Cadenet Provence Rosé

    “A classic example of bone dry Provencal rosé. Apples 'n pears and citrus and a hint of red berries. Warm, long evenings and sun-baked beaches with azure blue sea-scapes and the occasional seagull swooping overhead. Summer holiday bliss...”

  • Fleur De Mer Fleur De Mer Provence Rosé

    “One of the more easy-drinking Provencal rosés. Refreshing, dry, citric and with a hint of wild strawberry and raspberry. Long summer afternoons in the sunshine are rarely accompanied by a better wine.”

  • Bon Courage Wine Estate Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Blanc de Blancs

    “Seriously top drawer fizz without a top drawer price tag. Hazelnuts, peach, zesty lemon and posh vanilla cream will dance all over your tongue on pinprick bubbles. Now pat yourself on the back as you've just found an amazing Champagne hack.”

  • Bon Courage Wine Estate Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Cuvée Rosé Brut

    “Like its non-rosé sister, this easy-sipping summery fizz has all the right raspberry and strawberry notes to add to that lovely balanced fruitiness. Another Jaques Bruére with some proper age to it, that biscuitiness from it being made the same way as champagne is present and correct. Who needs pink champers when Cap Classique offers so much?”

  • Vigneti Cenci La Via della Seta Franciacorta Saten

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Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco