Essential 12 – Complete Christmas Day Kit


Essential 12 - Complete Christmas Day Kit

£241.70 £196.10 Inc. Vat

Take the hassle out of festive booze buying! This Essential 12 has something for everyone at a price that’s nice. Fantastic fizz and gorgeous G&Ts. Cracking dry sherry for those in the know. Wonderful wines to go with dinner, both red and white. And perfect Port and classy Cognac for those post-meal relaxers.


  • 47 AD Prosecco Frizzante DOC × 2

  • Equipo Navazos La Bota No 93 - Manzanilla

    “Prerequisites for purchase; a love for sherry, a love for manzanilla and a love for really, really good things. If you have just nodded three times there's no need to deviate.”

  • Poggio del Moro Ivole Toscana Bianco × 2

    “A delicate white that really got us thinking. Subtle but full of substance with honeyed peaches, jasmine tea vibes, green apples and chamomile. Key lime pie flashbacks on it's way to your belly. Truly unique and excellent for it.”

  • Villa Fresco Sangiovese × 2

    “Sangiovese is one of our favourite grapes, not least due to its versatility. Best known when delivered from the vineyards and wineries of Chianti, this wine is very different. Velvety smooth, super fruity, very well controlled tannin, great use of oak barrels to bring out a touch of spice and smoke and all kept fresh by the acidity. Marvellous.”

  • Malma Esencia Malbec

    “It's a keeper in a keep-for-your-favourite-friends kind of Malbec way. This one is really fresh with none of the clunkiness you sometimes get. Ripe and juicy with a lick of mintiness and a puff of oak smoke on the way down. Nailed it.”

  • Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water - 24 x 150ml

    “This is a well rounded tonic water that doesn't leave a bitter taste in the mouth. It really allows the flavour of your spirit to burst through and not be dulled down like more run of the mill tonic waters.”

  • Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin

    “Adding a bit of extra poke to your GnT is never a bad thing and this navy strength is a great, London, modern-day classic to reach for. Worth bolstering up your long or short cocktails so you have flavour until the very last sip. Expect juniper, orange peel, Palma violets and some warming cassia ooosh.”

  • Quinta da Pedra Alta Alta No. 10 - Ten year old Tawny Port

    “Walnuts, dates and raspberry compote mingle in the glass with cigar box and Assam tea leaf aromas. Rich, pure and complex with a lovely balanced freshness. Don't wait around till next Xmas to treat yourself NOW.”

  • Louis Royer VS

    “Dangerously smooth, and elegantly fresh. Notes of orange blossom, raisins, dried apricot and caramel, followed by vanilla that round things up. This is golden sultanas in liquid form; nectar from the Cognac gods!”

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Why we love this tipple

“Dangerously smooth, and elegantly fresh. Notes of orange blossom, raisins, dried apricot and caramel, followed by vanilla that round things up. This is golden sultanas in liquid form; nectar from the Cognac gods!”


Louis Royer

Having spent many years honing his craft as Cellar Master for some of Cognac’s most prestigious houses, in 1853 Louis Royer took the bold decision to set up on his own. Louis’ character can be surmised by his choice of the bee emblem symbolising diligence, efficiency and craftsmanship, which adorns every bottle of Louis Royer today.

Situated in the small town of Jarnac, overlooking the Charente River, and now under the stewardship of the fifth generation, Cognac Louis Royer has wholeheartedly embraced the new while never forgetting the old. So while modern equipment plays an important role, its age-old production techniques and a total commitment to quality are paramount.

By using traditional copper pot stills to create their unaged ‘Eau-de-Vie’ and by ageing in oak barrels, sustainably harvested from France’s famous Limousin forests, the family maintain consistency and an unwavering commitment to their Great, Great Grandfather’s ethos.

Sold all over the world and highly regarded by both professionals and connoisseurs, Louis Royer has received multiple awards over the years, establishing them as one of Cognac’s finest houses.


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