Essential 6 – NYE Celebration Set


Essential 6 - NYE Celebration Set

£77.40 £62.00 Inc. Vat

Celebrate the New Year in style without blowing the budget. These essential wines are sure to get the party started! We’ve some delicious fizz. A pair of crisp and moreish whites and a brace of easy-drinking reds packed with flavour that will keep you coming back for more.


  • Quinta da Pedra Alta Pedra a Pedra Branco × 2

    “Citric, floral, refreshing, lovely. You simply cannot go wrong with this wine. An every-day-drinker that works with or without food and won't disappoint for a special occasion. Your new favourite white wine.”

  • Manyol Joven × 2

    “Joven means young in Spanish, and that's not normally a word you want to associate with the red wine you're buying, but forget about any misconceptions you may have, this is a Summery red wine at its finest, still with great fruit and some complexity, you will be pleasing ALL the crowds.”

  • 47 AD Prosecco Frizzante DOC × 2

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