Luxury 6 – NYE Celebration Set


Luxury 6 - NYE Celebration Set

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Make it a night to remember with our Luxury six celebration libations. We’ve a Champagne which beats the big names on quality and flavour every time. Two bottles of exceptional Oregon white that will make you reassess your next Alsace purchase. And a pair of astonishing Californian reds that’ll knock your socks off.


  • Alexana Terroir Series Pinot Gris Willamette Valley × 2

    “Accomplished Pinot Gris wrangling from an excellent Oregonian winery. Peachy, melony and grapefruity, there's a wonderfully creamy edge to the texture that offsets the bright, refreshing acidity and citrus pith qualities. As good an example of the variety as you can wish for.”

  • Peter Franus Wine Red Hills Mourvèdre × 2

    “Rarely seen made on its own, Mourvèdre usually plays a supporting role in a blend of grapes. Here, however, it shines. Complex, spicy, fruity and developed, it's got it all. Bit of a bruiser, but charming, characterful and impressive.”

  • André Levasseur Rue Du Sorbier Brut Nature × 2

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Grape Variety

Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir



Tastes great paired with

Mushrooms and Truffles


Salty and Savoury dishes

Umami Flavours


André Levasseur

David Levasseur is a steadfast nonconformist. His micro-grower Champagne house, which was established by his grandfather in the 1940s and which assumes its name from his father Albert, produces little more than 30,000 bottles per year from solely his own 4 hectares of vineyards spread over 18 plots around the villages of Cuchéry, Fleury-la-Rivière and Châtillon-sur- Marne.

These are organically farmed and certified for their high environmental value. Crucially the Marne Valley is a vital source of the wider region’s Pinot Meunier, as the minor blending grape thrives in the local area, and it is on Meunier that David unusually bases most of his wines. Here in the heart of the Montagne de Reims national park, David has embarked on a sensory journey to shine a light on the terroir of Champagne.