Premium 12 – NYE Celebration Set


Premium 12 - NYE Celebration Set

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These dozen Premium wines are nailed-on celebration libations. A white and a pink fizz made the Champagne way, from a brilliant South African producer. Four crisp, refreshing whites that range from light and mineral to fuller and rounder. And four reds that run the spectrum of light to full, rich to restrained. All different, all delicious.


  • Bon Courage Wine Estate Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Brut Reserve × 2

    “A lovely, easy-drinking, sunny sparkler made the way they do it in that area of France we're all so fond of. What's great about S.A. sparkling is you get the extra fruitiness from the sunshine (like p-secco) but still with that biscuity thing champagne has, cos it's made the same way. Bit of a bargain... and check out the age on it - impressive!”

  • Bon Courage Wine Estate Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Cuvée Rosé Brut × 2

    “Like its non-rosé sister, this easy-sipping summery fizz has all the right raspberry and strawberry notes to add to that lovely balanced fruitiness. Another Jaques Bruére with some proper age to it, that biscuitiness from it being made the same way as champagne is present and correct. Who needs pink champers when Cap Classique offers so much?”

  • Lobethal Road Pinot Gris

    “The cooler weather of the Adelaide hills really helps to turn out some incredible wine. This wine is dry, subtle and textural experience with a character like nashi pears, honeysuckle and gingerbread from a distance.”

  • Etyeki Kuria MSP Zenit

    “A limited-edition and experimental wine that has given A-grade results. It has flavours of ripe lemon & peach with refreshing acidity, some floral aroma & incredible depth.”

  • Vida Estate Bikavér

    “This unsurpassed Bikavér (nicknamed Bulls Blood) is both fresh and rich all at once. Very pure flavours of blackberries, plums and a touch of dried mushroom are balanced by plenty of refreshing acidity and hints of leafy undergrowth. Let it breathe for an hour and you'll be richly rewarded. Hungary's signature red wine at its finest.”

  • Post House Missing Virgin

    “Smooth as a vaseline covered chinchilla wearing a velvet smoking jacket and Gucci loafers. How do they get Pinotage to taste this awesome? Well done Post House. Nailing it.”

  • Post House Penny Black

    “It's wines like this that make drinking an honour. Heady, crunchy dark fruit in the mouth with plenty of expensive cigars, applewood smoke and earthiness. It's blockbusting, serious and a refined piece of work.”

  • Domaine Jaeger-Defaix Rully Rouge

    “Big Burgundian pinot with all the old school trimmings thrown in. The smell of a farm on yonder hill, dark cherry, posh smoked bacon, coffee and pepper. A really giving and deliciously decadent wine.”

  • Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc

  • MacRobert & Canals Laventura Rioja Viura

    “A white Rioja with which to benchmark all others. We all know there will be oak, but it's use here is subtle and oh so clever. All the delicious fruit elements you want from high quality white wine, layered with a creamy, toasty deliciousness rarely found. Outstanding”

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Why we love this tipple

“A white Rioja with which to benchmark all others. We all know there will be oak, but it's use here is subtle and oh so clever. All the delicious fruit elements you want from high quality white wine, layered with a creamy, toasty deliciousness rarely found. Outstanding”

Tastes great paired with


Tomatoes, aubergines and peppers

Aromatic and Herbal Flavours

Nutty Flavours


MacRobert & Canals

This is the project of the family that was formed when Bryan MacRobert turned up one day in Rioja to join the Canals family. We are thus MACROBERT & CANALS. It may come as a surprise to see the union between an oenologist born in Cape Town and a family whose members come from the most diverse corners of Spain (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Madrid, Tarragona) and have been living in La Rioja for over forty years (where the youngest members are now from).

The initial beginnings of this union started many years ago, even before Bryan took his first steps – letting him explain it in first person:
“My earliest childhood memories are of running barefoot through the vineyards of the farm that my parents own in the Swartland region of South Africa about fifty kilometres north of Cape Town where I was born. It was there that I learned to cultivate the vineyards and make my first wines, while studying Viticulture and Enology at the University of Stellenbosch. After graduating, I spent several years travelling between Spain and South Africa, working in the Priorat and Swartland wine regions, areas of old bush-trained vines and without irrigation. These are fixations that I keep in order to obtain wines of the quality and personality that I dream of.”

Bryan MacRobert is one of a passionate and growing band of Rioja winemakers rallying for a fresher, elegant, authentic style. He’s originally from South Africa, where he was Eben Sadie’s assistant winemaker before making his own wines in the Swartland. Bryan has a cellar in Logroño and looks after small parcels of old vines, often inaccessible to most machinery and ploughed by mule. He eschews American oak, and sometimes eschews oak altogether. His ambition is to shine a light on the single varieties of Rioja and how they behave in different sites, rather than in blends, because he passionately believes the intricate terroir differences inherent to the region are not being celebrated enough.


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