“Our promise to you is an excellent drink at a competitive price, ensuring a fair deal for the producer”

What Makes Us Different?

  • A new way of working that benefits producers
  • Competitive, sustainable pricing
  • Thorough, honest, expert advice
  • Your loyalty appreciated and rewarded

Working exclusively with producers or their direct representatives within the UK, hometipple ensures the majority of your spend goes to supporting those that matter most – the producers.

  • A new way of working

Supporting Producers with Sustainable Pricing

The traditional drinks business model is very much ruled by a “that’s the way it’s always been done” attitude. The producer sells to a distribution partner (an ‘Agent’ or ‘Distributor’) who sells to this person, who sells to that person, who sometimes sells to these other people, who sell it to you. Each takes a cut. Each cut takes a little more profit away from the producer.

At hometipple we either go straight to the producer, or their importing partner. This means we can give you a really keen price with as much of your cash as possible going to those who either make the drinks or those whose business it is to keep the drink maker’s business in business!

The reason we don’t always just go straight to the producer is that many great winemakers, distillers and brewers have long standing relationships with their distribution partners. In many cases, they are like one big family.

They import the products to the UK, deal with all the red tape (and there’s a LOT) and ensure a good home for as much of their producers’ stock as they can.

And because they guarantee to regularly purchase in large quantities, they are a vital part of making sure the producer lives to fight another year.

Simply put, these are relationships worth respecting, preserving and nurturing. The more hometipple sells, the more stock our distribution partners buy from our producers, the more money our producers make, the more the producer invests in their production, the better the product becomes, the more deliciousness there is in the world. Everyone wins!


White wine pour

  • Thorough, honest, expert advice

- The hometipple Team Taste Test

We do:

  • taste every product before we list it.
  • taste the products as a team, but making our own, individual notes without any conferring or discussion so as not to influence one another.
  • compare notes at the end and make a decision based on all our opinions.
  • write the final note based on a compilation of our opinions ensuring accuracy, honesty and a heartfelt endorsement of the product.

We don’t:

  • list anything not up to our quality standards.
  • list anything that’s overpriced or doesn’t offer value for money - no matter if it's £10 a bottle or £100 a bottle.
  • work with suppliers who offer ‘incentives’ to take products that are overstocked.
  • list products because the packaging/ label/ bottle is fancy, but the drink isn’t great.

  • Your loyalty appreciated and rewarded.

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