Germany -

While Lupo and Basti were travelling the world, they came up with the idea to create their own Premium Gin with the goal to combine German craftsmanship with the best ingredients from all over the world. BIRDS doesn’t only stand for a great Gin, but also for the community behind it, who share their love for travelling, adventures and enjoyment, and have the constant goal of broadening their horizons.

Our high quality and timeless bottle design is inspired by our passion for travel. Our label, in the style of a torn off plane ticket, shows the origin of all 15 ingredients from around the world. The logo with the retro propeller plane reflects the enthusiasm for aviation, as one of the founders originally wanted to become a pilot before becoming a gin producer.

Only 700 hand-numbered bottles are produced per batch. The small batches are handmade in Germany in the traditional Copper Pot Still. Since only the best natural ingredients are used, each batch is unique and therefore limited to 700 bottles.

On their travels, Lupo and Basti explored many beautiful places, but besides these great experiences, they also came across a vast amount of poverty often caused by climate change. Due to prolonged periods of drought, many farmers have to leave their families and migrate into the cities in search of work. To fight this problem, we decided to work together with Eden Reforestation Projects (ERP), who employ locals for reforestation. Through our commitment to the ERP, we wish to contribute to both strengthening local communities and fighting climate change.