Gente de Mezcal

Mexico -

We work with the perspective of the mezcal producing communities at the fore.
Our mezcals represent ancestral knowledge embodied in small lots that respect local scale production and highlight the variety and particular flavour of each crop.

Our mezcals reflect the artistry and ancestral knowledge of a tradition that endures generation after generation. We offer emblematic batch productions, which are cultural treasures that preserve the flavour of Mexican Pueblos. We bring together community, culture and conservation through trade that gives recognition to the maestros and their mezcals.

We care about our ocean transport as much as our mezcal. New Dawn Traders work with a network of sailing cargo ships that operate across the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal seas of Europe. Like our mezcal, these ships celebrate a rich cultural tradition. Our mezcal is moved with little more than wind in the sails and the sweat of the sailors.

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