Honig Winery

United States - California, Napa

Honig Vineyard and Winery is a family-run growing and vinifying just two varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. They take sustainability and ecological responsibility very seriously.

Extensive investment in solar panels ensures almost all the electricity used in the winery, visitor centre and offices is generated on-site. Helping pioneer an approach to controlling mealybugs with the use of trained labradors, rather than pesticides, is another way Michael Honig and his family help maintain the health of the natural environment.

They maintain wildflower cover crops grown between the rows of vines. This encourages insects which in turn encourage the many birds that can be found there. Assisted by owl and bird boxes installed around the vineyard, biodiversity thrives. There are also numerous bee hives on site (Honig is German for honey) which, combined with the hawks employed to minimise the rodent population, contribute to an extremely healthy ecosystem. The monocultural aspects of the vineyard are almost completely offset by the diversity of flora and fauna that thrive throughout the estate.

Under the careful stewardship of winemaker, Kristin Belair Honig creates elegant and distinctive, single varietal wines of exceptional quality. When combined with the care for nature championed by the Honig family, the case for choosing these wines is incredibly strong.

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