Mas Comtal

Spain - Catalunya, Penedès

Mas Comtal is proud of its ethos of the right wine for the right vintage. No two years are the same, so no two crops can be. By consistently maintaining the highest standards of quality in both the vineyard and winery, the wines are the best expression of each vintage year.

Comprising 40 hectares of organically certified vines, Mas Comtal is located in the easternmost part of Penedès, at the foot of the Garraf mountains.

Several factors ensure the estate’s grapes can be picked at their peak. At 350 metres above sea level, a little altitude helps avoid the grapes overripening.  The proximity of the Mediterranean allows cool sea breezes to further prolong the fruits time on the vine. The beautiful hill of Montserrat protects the vines from the cold, potentially damaging northerly winds and provides fast-draining, sandy soil to insure the vines toil to find their water, further heightening quality.

Owned by the same family since 1355, the vineyard and winery beautifully combine traditional and modern techniques to produce wines of outstanding quality.

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