Ojo de Tigre

Mexico - Oaxaca

Mezcal Ojo de Tigre is a brand that came onto the market in May 201 8 and is born from two agaves, the first from Espadín and the second from Tobalá, which come from Oaxaca and Puebla. All its agaves are cultivated and sustainable, respecting all those that are wild.

“We have been launching it for two years, and today we are on sale nationally in Mexico and internationally at the end of this month, next week we will have our launch in the United States”, says Patricio Cuevas, who is a brand manager of Ojo de Tigre.

The brand was launched barely two years ago, in 2018. Ojo de Tigre has sought to position itself in the Mexican market with good results. This thanks to the synergy of a group of Mexican entrepreneurs led by the Mexican actor and producer Luis Gerardo Méndez , in addition to the architect and hotelier Sebastián Sas, and the co-founders of the COLOURSMX agency Jorge Mondragón and Cory Crespo.