Poggio del Moro vineyards tuscany italy

Poggio del Moro

Italy - Tuscany, Montepulciano

Poggio del Moro was established 11 years ago. A passion project of Tania and Luigi, they aim to produce wine that offers the clearest expression of their home.

Poggio del Moro is right in the heart of Chianti in the beautiful rolling hills and low mountains of Tuscany. With its long, cedar tree-lined driveway and sympathetically restored, traditional winery buildings, the estate is picture-postcard beautiful.

Believing that the best wine comes from the healthiest land, Tania and Luigi farm biodynamically with organic certification. By planting biodiverse foliage they defend their vines from pests using natural methods. This encourages healthy, hardy vines which produce intensely flavoured fruit.

Seven years ago, the estate embarked on an unusual project. Understanding the huge importance yeast has in the winemaking process they set about trying to identify each individual, naturally-occurring yeast strain found on the skins of their grapes. While many producers purchase yeast strains to provide certain flavour characteristics or perform optimally under particular circumstances (temperature, altitude etc.) Tania and Luigi have only ever used the yeasts that occur naturally in their winery, championing spontaneous fermentation. By picking out each yeast strain and analysing its qualities, they hope to further improve what nature has gifted them using a sympathetic and holistic approach.

With such dedication and respect for nature, it’s little wonder their award-winning wines have gained such an excellent reputation in such a short time.

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