Quinta da Pedra Alta

Portugal - Douro

The whole ethos of Quinta da Pedra Alta is based on a group of close friends that wish to grow, across the world…

It has been a long journey from Essex in the UK to the Douro Valley in Portugal via the Barossa Valley in Australia, but the result is a long-held dream come true for us. Our love of wine and nature has grown over the years, and it became our dream to own a special vineyard. Luckily enough, one of us, Matt Gant, is a winemaker (working in Australia), who has visited Portugal several times to harvest with João Pires. As a result, the dream has become a reality at Quinta da Pedra Alta.

Our winemakers Matt and João first met when Matt came from Australia to Portugal in 2007 to harvest in the Alentejo where João was working.

Matt is a winemaker and partner in First Drop Wines in the Barossa Valley, and always looking to expand his horizons and experience new wine regions. João, born and raised in Alijó in the Douro, and Matt have been sharing harvests in both hemispheres since those days, becoming very close friends. Isabelle, the owner, has lived in France and Germany and been lucky enough to travel to many countries working for luxury beauty brands, but she believes that wine, laughter, family and friendship are the best anti-ageing ‘ingredients’ available.

So when the opportunity arose to purchase the Douro vineyards where João had been working since 2009, we all simply couldn’t resist. It had everything we dreamt about: a spectacular location in a region with huge potential, previously visited and known by Matt – a perfect place to break bread and make wine with friends.

This extended family also includes Luis, Mónica and Andy. Luis and Monica were already working with João at the Quinta, and continue to be the dynamic duo that manages the finances and administration for the company.

Andy, has a long experience in the UK wine trade and has joined the team as the Commercial Director. But he’s more than that, living, breathing and managing the project.

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