United States - California, Napa

In 1997, Madaiah Revana and renowned Vineyard Manager Jim Barbour planted Cabernet Sauvignon on the 8.2-acre property in one of the last spots of unplanted land in the Napa Valley. Located in the narrowest section of the valley, the vineyard is meticulously farmed, and Jim’s team includes specialists for every aspect of ‘single-vine farming’ with a soil scientist, canopy manager, irrigation specialist, and a cover-crop specialist. Thomas Rivers-Brown joined in 2011 following Heidi Barrett who had been the winemaker since 2001. His non-interventionist style (including organic farming and native yeast fermentation) allows them to express the estate’s uniqueness. In addition to Thomas’ winemaking philosophy, Revana tap into his and Jim’s network throughout the valley and have purchased grapes to make single vineyard wines as well as introduce their Terroir Series line.

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