Rudolf Fürst

Germany - Franken

The Rudolf Fürst winery is steeped in tradition. There is written evidence that documents the family growing grapes since 1638. The winery is situated in the heart of the revered Centgrafenberg vineyard that overlooks the village of Miltenberg. Paul and Monika Fürst inherited the winery in 1979 that had just 1.5 hectares of vines. This was gradually expanded to the present 21 hectares with a focus on growing Spätburgunder grapes (aka Pinot noir).

Their vineyards and their soil are treated with respect. Self-produced fertiliser (compost) is used to replenish the topsoils and diligent husbandry is used in the vines. The vineyards are scarily steep and almost all work needs to be conducted by hand.
From the area’s bright red sandstone they produce world-class Spätburgunder and Riesling wines.

The red wines are similar to the best Burgundy has to offer although often more elegant and fresher. The whites are always packed with huge complexity and flavour. Time is taken in the cellar to craft these traditionally made high-quality wines.

This is all summarised rather nicely by the wise words of Paul himself – “Wine is a product of nature – our foundation. We simply do what is best for the wine. And if the grapes are good, the wine will also be good. On the day of the harvest, we know exactly what treasure we hold in our hands.”

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