Rudolf Fürst

Germany - Franken

The Rudolf Fürst winery looks back on a long tradition. There is evidence that the Franconian Fürst family has been growing wine since 1638. When it comes to winemaking, natural, gentle and handcrafted cellar work applies to all of our vineyards. The wines are self-clarifying due to the long storage on the yeast. After the open must fermentation, the red wines are pressed in large wooden vats in a basket press and then lie in Burgundian barrels (228 litres) for 13 to 18 months. It is then bottled unfiltered. After being gently pressed, the white wines are fermented in large and small wooden barrels as well as in stainless steel tanks and matured for six to sixteen months. When working in the vineyard, the focus is on the laborious and meticulous care of the vines. Traditionally, the vineyards are only supplied with self-produced compost. Reading is staggered and selective. With high radiant heat from the soil, maximum quality vines and very low yields, this leads to the quality that distinguishes our wines nationally and internationally, now in over 30 countries worldwide.

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