Vida Estate

Hungary - Szekszard

Vida Wine estate comprises several vineyard sites across the many valleys and hills of Hungary’s Szekszárd region. Mostly known for producing wine from the Bikaver grape ( aka Bull’s Blood) the region has a climate and soil types that suit many different varieties. International grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc thrive alongside more local varieties like Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) and Kadarka. Péter Vida is most certainly amongst the best the region has to offer.

For over 30 years Péter, and now his family, have honed their skills in both farming and winemaking, creating some exceptional, award-winning wines. Practising organic farming but without certification, the Vida family passionately care for the environment around them.

Like their Bordeaux-based colleagues, the winemakers of this region have mastered the art of blending, creating wines that exceed the sum of their parts. By skillfully combining both local and international varieties, the best winemakers of Szekszárd do rival some of their most revered contemporaries across Europe.

In 2011 Vida Wine Estate won Hungary’s “Wine Producer of the Year” award which recognised their consistent excellence in oenology and viticulture. Not satisfied to sit on their laurels, they almost immediately undertook a program of extensive replanting, matching exactly the right rootstock, variety and canopy management methodology to the perfect site, based on extensive research into soil types, elevation and aspect.

The resulting wines have exceeded expectations and continue to win acclaim across Europe and beyond. If you’re looking for red wines with character, complexity, elegance and dangerous drinkability, look no further. The ultimate value-for-money alternative to Bordeaux? Without doubt.

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