vina elena jumilla wine

Viña Elena

Spain - Murcia

Vina Elena sits directly inland from the Costa Blanca with sun-drenched vineyards being home to some exceptional vines. Stony soils, hot sun and low yields make for a quality of the local variety, Monastrell, that is rarely surpassed. 

60 years of experience have taught this all-female winemaking team that balancing traditional and modern techniques is key.

Winemaker Elena Pacheco’s fascination for Monastrell has driven her to create wines of superb balance, delicacy and complexity. Organic farming, careful fruit handling and the avoidance of oak help explain the bright clarity with which these wines express themselves.

Vina Elena is widely considered one of Jumilla’s best wineries. Vina Elena’s wines offer a true and honest reflection of this exceptional winemaking region.

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