Ireland - Waterford

Unashamedly influenced by the world’s greatest winemakers. Waterford obsessively brings the same intellectual drive, methodology and rigour to barley – the very source of malt whisky’s complex flavour.

Extolling a hundred exclusive farms of Irish-grown barley, they search for natural flavours via three paths: the Single Farm Origins pursue the individualism of terroir-derived flavour; the Arcadian Series expresses the intensity of flavour from alternative philosophies and long-forgotten varieties; whilst the Cuvées revel in the ultimate sophistication, where the whole is greater than the sum.

In Ireland’s Sunny South East, warmed by the Gulf Stream, temperate, moist air crosses fertile soils to produce a verdant landscape – and the world’s finest barley. Since barley is the source of malt whisky’s complex flavours, it makes abundant sense to focus on where and how the barley is cultivated. Those flavours are shaped by place, by the soils that nourish its roots, by the microclimate in which it ripens. By terroir.