Easy Drinking Crowd Pleasers

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Easy Drinking Crowd Pleasers

£118.30 Inc. Vat

Mas Comtal Pomell de Blancs

“There's plenty to talk about with this wine that is a complete bargain. Tropical fruited yet herbal, dry yet creamy, earthy yet refreshing. Get your thinking-drinking hat on and fill it to the brim.”

Villa Fresco Pinot Grigio

“Pinot grigio! Slightly worn-out words from the pub bar but this example doesn't belong there. This version is still easy drinking but all grown up from that mouthwash of yesteryear. Expect the smells of fleshy melon, white flowers, green herbs and smoke. Acidity is on the refreshing and bright side. Ding-a-ling!”

Manos Negras Chardonnay, Los Arboles

“A super fruity chardonnay that's never been near a piece of wood. Clean, balanced and with a little texture, you're gonna like this, and so will your mates, and your mum, and her friend who's a bit snooty about wine. Winning.”

Quinta da Pedra Alta Reserva Tinto

“Enticing, dark, mysterious and starting to show signs of great ageing potential. With cocoa, damsons, spices and undertones of prune juice and truffley undergrowth, this is certainly going places! Decant to find its true colours or keep for a couple of years and simply melt into it.”

Domingo Molina Mortero Malbec

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