The Best Wines for Valentine’s Day 2023

By on February 14th, 2023 in Blog
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If you’re planning a special meal for two this February 14th, you may be wondering which wine is best for Valentine’s Day. So we’ve chosen wines from a country synonymous with l’amour… France. Our selection covers which wines to accompany your menu for a romantic night. And for those who like something a bit different, there’s even a non-wine wild card from England in the mix too. To help ensure your evening goes off with a bang, we’ve also suggested some romantic food ideas that are said to be aphrodisiacs – and your glass of something special will pair beautifully with them too.

René Jolly-Blanc de Blancs Champagne, France, organic

Oysters are often noted for their amorous properties, but did you know that’s because they contain dopamine, the chemical in the brain that increases desire? Because champagne and oysters are known to get you in the mood, this organic grower-producer Blanc de Blancs from France is the perfect pairing. Flavours of butter brioche are balanced with yellow apple, lemon curd, pear, lime zestiness and apricot. And it works really well with fish or seafood. Grown and produced at the Landreville vineyard vinified from exclusively Chardonnay grapes, this champers is so easy to drink you’ll wish you’d bought another bottle. 

Fleur De Mer Provence Rosé, France

If you’re cooking something more rustic like a flavoursome slow-cooked Provencal stew, you might consider adding in sweet potatoes and celery. Both vegetables can increase your arousal and attraction as they can increase the production of hormones in women and pheromones in men.  To accompany your “hot pot Français”, reach for a nice chilled glass of Fleur De Mer Rosé. Also from Provence, it’s got refreshing citrus, peach, raspberry and wild strawberry and will go brilliantly with the vegetable flavours in your stew.

Mas de Cadenet Provence Rosé, France, organic

Grazing boards look impressive yet they’re surprisingly simple to put together. Supporting your local shop or deli, you can find a selection of delicious charcuterie and cheeses then arrange them artfully on a butcher’s block. Then decorate with olives, strawberries, figs, rocket leaves, almonds, walnuts, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of honey – all of which are said to boost libido! Mas de Cadenet Provence Rosé goes so well with raw, fresh savoury dishes. Also hailing from the same beautiful Southern French region, this certified organic rosé has citrus, apples and pears and a hint of red berries. Serve nice and chilled for a refreshing reminder of summertime.

Black Cow Strawberry Vodka, England

The thought of Strawberry Vodka might raise an eyebrow but hear us out. Think nostalgic sweets from your childhood rather than nights out as a student. Made down in Dorset, this is flavoured vodka done right – with bags of juicy fruit, not too sweet and just a touch of creaminess to level it all out. This is the perfect finalé for your Valentine’s dinner and would accompany fresh strawberries with top-quality vanilla ice cream perfectly. With both strawberries and vanilla known as romantic things to eat, this simple yet classic dessert served with a fun, flavoured vodka is sure to impress your beau.