Festive Fizz – Change your Champagne for our Seasonal Sparklers

By on December 16th, 2022 in Blog
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Festive Fizz and Seasonal Sparklers don’t always have to be Champagne. In the run-up to New Year’s Eve, everyone loves bubbles, especially that first glass of New Year Champagne. But it choosing an alternative can be both a smart and delicious choice. Most of the well-known Champagne brands really only produce their best work above £60, which is a lot of money for 6 small glasses of fizz, each lasting 10 minutes, at best. So why not try some Champagne alternatives this New Years’ Eve that offer something equally tasty? Here we’ve three made exactly the same way as Champagne – two even use the same grape varieties – and one we’re all very familiar with that rhymes with bro-secco. Each represents its country of origin beautifully. Each states its case as to why sparkling wine shouldn’t always be defined by a small region in Northern France. (Wonderful as it may be).

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England vs Germany

Here we look at two special sparklers that will give any new year Champagne a run for its money. For starters, why not try something English this new years eve? Black Chalk Wild Rose is undoubtedly one of the very finest these shores have to offer. This is why it can occasionally be so hard to get hold of any – they simply cannot make enough to meet demand – a lovely problem to have… Flavours include rhubarb, raspberry, redcurrant, lemons, limes, some nuttiness and a little strawberries-n-cream. Exactly what you want from pink fizz. Now to Germany where the locals need no excuse to pop a cork or two. Dr Loosen Extra Dry Riesling Sekt is a prime example of a properly dry, champagne-method sparkling wine from a country steeped in winemaking history. Honeysuckle, peaches, red apple and pink grapefruit are the headline flavours. There’s a nice biscuitiness and a delightful mousse. Magic.

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The Italian Job

For many, Italian sparkling wine is all about Prosecco. It has absolutely dominated the market Italian bubbles for many years now, and for good reason. But dig a little deeper and wonderful discoveries await. Franciacorta (Fran-chi-a-corta) is made just like Champagne but offers more rich fruit and a little more weight. Vigneti Cenci La Via della Seta Franciacorta Saten offers honeyed lemon, passionfruit, shortbread and a little brown bread at the back. Linear, citric and with a delicious weight. It’s a proper good ‘un. But if it’s Prosecco you want, then Prosecco you shall have! Don’t settle though. Just because it’s got bubbles, should excuse a wine from actually being good. 47AD Prosecco Frizzante DOC may be well-priced, but it’s gooooood. Pear driopos, plenty of apple, lemons and white blossom make for a delicious flavour profile. Its light, has a lovely, creamy mousse and ticks all the right ‘secco’ boxes.

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