Last-minute Gifts Guaranteed to Gladden

By on December 12th, 2022 in Blog
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We’ve all been there, scrabbling around for last-minute gifts guaranteed to gladden. Desperately death-scrolling endless gift inspiration websites to find unique Xmas gifts with only a week or so to go. Avoid the usual stocking-filler gubbins and grab a bottle of something delicious. A delightful drink shared with loved ones is what the magic of Christmas is all about. (Once you’re old enough to know Santa is just a parent, sneaking around after bedtime, trying to drunkenly avoid tripping on the toys on your bedroom floor). Spirits make supremely special Xmas gifts because there’s an abundant choice, they last a while and don’t really go bad. We’ve a superior gin and a quality but price-conscious rum that fit the bill beautifully. Bubbles make everyone smile, so bring on the Champers. And lastly, who doesn’t love a glass of top-notch Port when the snow is crisp and even? 

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Christmas Spirit(s)

It’s no secret, we Brits love our Gin. And rightly so! It’s England’s national spirit and is made brilliantly here in the UK and all over the world. Certain counties really excel, however, and Germany is one such country. Birds Dry Gin is made in tiny 700-bottle batches from hand-sourced botanicals making for a unique Xmas gift. It’s also exceptionally tasty. Balanced, creamy, a little herbaceous and perfect with Double Dutch Tonic. Next, we turn to rum, which can never be a bad move. After Gin, interest in and diversity of choice for this classic drink has flowered like no other. Don Q Anejo is a brilliant standard bearer for this storied Puerto Rico distiller. It’s well-priced, an excellent sipper and a great mixer. Flavours of caramel wafer, dark chocolate, toffee apple, poached pear and banana make this smooth, easy-going rum the most special Xmas gift, last-minute or otherwise.

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Christmas Dinner’s Alpha and Omega


These two drinks bookend a Christmas meal like no other. Champagne to start and Port to close your yuletide feast are rarely bettered. So it makes sense to choose one (or both!) when selecting those last-minute yet special Xmas gifts. André Levasseur Brut Nature is unique. It’s a Brut Nature, meaning it’s extremely dry, yet retains wonderful fruit complexity, making it perfect with or without food. It also really gets the appetite going – handy this time of year. Quinta da Pedra Alta Alta No. 10 – Ten year old Tawny Port will close the food-based proceedings like no other. At hometipple, we happen to think Tawney is the best type. While vintage port spends all its ageing time in bottle, Tawny is aged in barrel. So it’s rich, layered and delicious, retains some acidic freshness but won’t cost the earth. Not the most unique Xmas gift, but a darn good one.