Let’s Get This Party Started

By on September 7th, 2022 in Blog
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Late September means it’s party time! Nights draw in and night-life draws us out. Traditionally it’s a time for feasting, with crops being gathered and harvest-time making food abundant. It’s only natural then, that us temperate-climate-dwellers are hard-wired to desire a bit of celebration around now. And who are we to deny our instincts?! But with all those parties to attend, what do you bring? You want to say thank you to the host, but also to contribute a little something to the evening. And let’s face it, yet another £7 Malbec from the Tesco Express round the corner really won’t cut it. So why not get creative and bring a bottle that turns the everyday drinks already there into something awesome? You’ll almost always find tonic water, ginger ale and sparkling wine at a party, so here are 4 bottles of deliciousness that transform them into proper celebration libations.

let's get the party started

White Port & Tonic 

With all those social gatherings to attend, how best to make sure overindulgence doesn’t get the better of you? Choosing a lower alcohol alternative is a decent start, so try substituting the gin in your G&T with white port. Quinta de Pedra Alta’s Pedra No.3 White Port is an excellent way to bring all the flavour but with only half the booze. Very much off to medium dry, it balances beautifully with a slightly more punchy tonic. Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water works a treat, and with a squeeze of lemon and you’ve got all the harmonious sharp, bitter and sweet elements you could wish for. Flavours of peaches, lemon pith, honeysuckle, lychees and pineapple headline with a Christmas cake, nashi pears and ripe clementines in the background. Acidity is relatively low and it has a lovely creamy texture making it an ideal candidate for the ‘& Tonic’ treatment. 

Quinta da Pedra Alta Pedra No. 3 - White Port Country Portugal Region Douro Producer Quinta da Pedra Alta Grape Variety Gouveio, Rabigato, Viosinho ABV 18.00 % Volume 500ml

Kir Royale 

A perennial favourite now, Kir Royale. So easy and simple, it can add a little interest to your fizz, or indeed, hide a multitude of sins. Bringing a bottle of Somerset Cider Brandy Company’s Blackcurrant Liqueur to a party is always a great shout. Let’s face it. We’ve all been to parties where the fizz on offer is a little tricky to drink. Where it’s been purchased more because it has a cork that goes ‘pop’ than because it’s a delicious wine. What’s needed is a way to ensure you don’t offend the host by turning the bubbles down but also a way to gloss over some of the ‘flavour cracks’, so to speak. Kir Royale to the rescue! Add a splash of this delicious Blackcurrant Liqueur to any sparkling wine and enjoy the world’s easiest-to-make cocktail. Your tastebuds (and some of your fellow guests) will thank you. 

Somerset Cider Brandy Co. Blackcurrant Liqueur party

Whiskey & Ginger 

We’ve discussed some less boozy options, now let’s look at something with a bit more punch. The snappily titled New York Distilling Company Double Oak Rye, Cask Strength is definitely at the ‘puts hairs on your chest’ end of the spectrum. It’s 56% alcohol, meaning they haven’t diluted it down before bottling. But for good reason. Higher alcohol in quality spirits offers more complexity and a long finish, which is always welcome. It also means it’s perfectly acceptable to water it down yourself, or when mixing, simply use a bit less. And speaking of mixing, this excellent Rye works a treat with Double Dutch Ginger Ale. Flavours of smokey cinnamon, allspice, caramel and nut brittle work beautifully with ginger. So try a small measure of Ragtime Double Oak Cask Strength, a slice of lemon, plenty of ice and a good slug of Ginger Ale. A super-tasty long drink that should do round after round.

NYDC Ragtime Double Oak Rye Cask Strength party

Hibiscus Refresher 

And finally, to round things off, we thought we’d remove the alcohol altogether. There’s a reason we have so few low and no alcohol options on our website. Frankly not many are that great. But while we’re always working to improve and expand our range, we’re extremely proud of what we currently offer. Crossip holds a special place in our hearts. It’s one of the best 0% alcohol, spirit alternatives we’ve ever tried. By using certain ingredients cleverly and carefully, they’ve got as close to recreating the texture and flavour-sensation of alcohol as we’ve found. Crossip Pure Hibiscus has a very pleasing bitter element to counteract and balance the sweet flavour of hibiscus. So it’s a little like vermouth or amaro (like Aperol). Add in a splash of tonic and you have a scrummy, refreshing drink that’s clearly for grown-ups. Even those driving home.

Crossip Pure Hibiscus party