Love Lamb Week

By on September 2nd, 2021 in Blog
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Love Lamb Week is upon us putting the spotlight on the UK’s ovine farmers and their produce.

Lamb from our shores comes into its best over the summer months and through September.  The farming of sheep mainly occupies land where other crops can’t be grown.  It provides over 19,000 hectares of wildflower meadows that bolster the population of bees.  With 97% of the water needed to farm sheep falling from the sky, it is certainly one of the greener meat choices going.

 With the best grass grazed from the year lamb reaches the pinnacle of its maturity right now. To celebrate one of the UK’s most prized products at its peak we have pulled together some drinks to wash it down with. To reflect the lamb’s green credentials our wine suggestions come with a raft of their own too.

Alongside our quick food matching suggestions, we are serving up another brilliant recipe from The London Wine Girl.

Lamb usually calls for a bottle of red wine. Those who would like to break that mould can reach for other colours of the spectrum too. Here are our top tipples for when lamb is on the menu.


Spring lamb

Normally served on the pinker side and bringing a more delicate flavour means a lighter wine will go. Think of cutlets, rack or leg.

red winepet nat wineorange wine


Traditional roast lamb

Roasting builds the intensity of flavour and you’ll need something gutsier to make it all work. Think Sunday lunch lamb cooked medium to well.

red wine bottlered wine bottlered wine bottle


Mediterranean roast lamb

Herbs, tomatoes, a touch of spice and bright, bold flavours makes for a wine of similar character. Think of the recipe below.

red wine bottlered wine bottlered wine bottle



The London Wine Girl celebrates Love Lamb Week:

Mediterranean Slow-Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Make sure to have the appropriate number of bottles of Diwald Luft & Liebe – Zweigelt.


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